Broken Heart : The EP

imageThe summer after I graduated high school (2009) was undoubtedly the best of my life. That summer it seemed the entire city got in tune with each other in preparation for leaving for college. And with that came the Summer Love Bug. I myself was in a tough spot with a female at the time and so were many of my peers.

I decided to release my frustrations through yet another compilation of work, which would turn out to be my first EP all focused on the topic of Love/Hate/Relationships. I was always one to wear my heart on my sleeve so going into that state wasn’t difficult for me.


A Journey Into My Past: Love

After making my Tumblr I couldn’t decide how to present myself on it…like anyone I feel there’s too much to know about me than a site could offer. But I however have to make use of the sites, so I figure I would use Tumblr as the forum to explain all my Music concepts from past projects for a while. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table.